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Yogasutras : All Access Pass

Comprehensive Yogasutra Online Study Program

The Yogasutra is the foundational text on the theory and practice of yoga. It contains relevant and valuable information for all yoga practitioners and teachers. However, due to its dense format it can prove difficult to understand clearly without proper guidance. Drawing upon 40+ years of study and practice, A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan offer this in-depth program in order to educate and guide yoga students in understanding and applying the profound knowledge presented in this important text.

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  • Clear, accessible pathway of learning.
  • Systematic study of each sutra, commencing with Chapters 2 and 3. Chapters 1 and 4 will follow in 2017.
  • Key points presented in 3-5 minute videos.
  • Chapters 3 and 4, which many students struggle to understand, are explained in simple and clear language.
  • Comprehensive, downloadable notes for each lecture, covering the key points raised in each video (including resource videos), to support the integration of knowledge.
  • Learn to chant the sutras: audio recording of every sutra, full and split word by word for learning by repetition.
  • Questions arising may be sent to questions@yogaknowledge.net. Those with broader interest, will be answered by A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan.


The videos added every week will span these topics:

  • Sutras commencing with Chapters 2 and 3. Chapters 1 and 4 will follow in 2017.
  • Reflections on key topics.
  • Questions and answers.

Additional Resources

  • 125 pre-recorded videos, 10-20 minutes in duration, on Chapters 1 and 2, explaining the sutras in detail with Vyasa’s commentary.
  • In-depth explanation of other selected topics.

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Program Schedule

APRIL 2016

2nd April 2016

The why of the second chapter

Chapter II

3rd April 2016

The mystical third chapter!

Chapter III

9th April 2016

What is Kriya yoga?

Chapter II

10th April 2016

Four chapters - the path to freedom established in four ways

Chapter III

16th April 2016

What is Tapas?

Chapter II

17th April 2016

Is Dharana merely focusing of the mind?

Chapter III

23rd April 2016

Is Svadhyaya self study?

Chapter II

24th April 2016

There is no mention of the popular cakras and kundalini in the Yogasutras

Chapter III

30th April 2016

Isvara pranidhana is not giving up fruits of our actions

Chapter II

MAY 2016

1st May 2016

Anga angi bhavam - How are the eight limbs connected?

Chapter III

7th May 2016

The benefits of Kriya Yoga

Chapter II

8th May 2016

Samkhya and Science

Chapter III

14th May 2016

The mental afflictions - Klesas

Chapter II

15th May 2016

Meditation on Bhagavan Patanjali

Chapter III

21st May 2016

The four states of mental afflictions

Chapter II

22nd May 2016

What samadhi is

Chapter III

28th May 2016

Avidya – wrong and opposite knowledge

Chapter II

29th May 2016

What samadhi is not

Chapter III

JUNE 2016

4th June 2016

The I-feeling

Chapter II

5th June 2016

Wisdom of the word Prajna

Chapter III

11th June 2016

Attachment - Raga

Chapter II

12th June 2016

Kalpana, Cintana, Bhavana - The differences

Chapter III

18th June 2016

Aversion - Dvesha

Chapter II

19th June 2016

The twenty four tattvas of Samkhya

Chapter III

25th June 2016

Fear - Abhinivesha

Chapter II

26th June 2016

Yogi has to decide his internal progress

Chapter III

JULY 2016

2nd July 2016

How to dissolve gross and subtle klesas

Chapter II

3rd July 2016

External and Internal limbs - the deep significance

Chapter III

9th July 2016

Summary of sutras 1-11

Chapter II

10th July 2016

Summary of sutras 1-8

Chapter III

16th July 2016

Result of actions based on the mental afflictions

Chapter II

17th July 2016

Sri Krishnamacharya on siddhis

Chapter III

23rd July 2016

Birth, life span and experiences

Chapter II

24th July 2016

Gunas and the three parinamas

Chapter III

30th July 2016

Unhappiness is inbuilt in happiness

Chapter II

31st July 2016


Chapter III


6th August 2016

Unhappiness due to the changing gunas

Chapter II

7th August 2016

Parinama vada – mind

Chapter III

13th August 2016

Potential of unhappiness in worldly pleasures

Chapter II

14th August 2016

There is only one transformation (dharma parinama) not three

Chapter III

20th August 2016

Root cause of unhappiness

Chapter II

21st August 2016

The parinamas applied to mind

Chapter III

27th August 2016

Nature of mind and matter

Chapter II

28th August 2016

The seven unseen forces in our mind

Chapter III


3rd September 2016

How the gunas are spread in layers

Chapter II

4th September 2016

The comprehension of meaning based on sound

Chapter III

10th September 2016

Nature of the Seer

Chapter II

11th September 2016

Samyama on samskaras

Chapter III

17th September 2016

Mind – bondage or freedom

Chapter II

18th September 2016

Samyama on mind reading, invisibility, prediction of ending of life

Chapter III

24th September 2016

Plurality of Consciousness and singularity of the world

Chapter II

25th September 2016

Samyama on friendliness

Chapter III


1st October 2016

Realization through connection

Chapter II

2nd October 2016

Bhavas and four bhavanas

Chapter III

8th October 2016

Root cause of bondage is mental afflictions

Chapter II

9th October 2016

Hatha Yoga Bhavanas - an introduction

Chapter III

15th October 2016

The state of permanent peace

Chapter II

16th October 2016

Bhavana in asana

Chapter III

22nd October 2016

The means to permanent peace

Chapter II

23rd October 2016

Samyama on strength and subtle perception

Chapter III

29th October 2016

The seven steps to ultimate realization

Chapter II

30th October 2016

Yoga sutras – a practice guideline for mental transformation

Chapter III

* Program schedule subject to change.